Alex Auvolat


École Normale Supérieure, département d’informatique, 2013-2018. Learn more.

M2 Mathématiques-Vision-Apprentissage (MVA), ENS Cachan, 2015-2016. Learn more.

Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, summer 2015. Many topics. Internship report, presentation.

Facebook AI Research, summer 2016. ConvNets and forward models for deep reinforcement learning for StarCraft AI. Internship report, presentation.

ANSYS-Esterel Technologies, summer 2014. Étude de l’analyse statique de langages synchrones par interprétation abstraite. Rapport, présentation, code, soutenance.

Prépa MPSI/MP, lycée Masséna, 2011-2013. Learn more.


Computer science: Everything! Algorithms & data structures, operating systems, compilers, networks, etc.

Applied mathematics: Machine learning, signal processing.

Theory of intelligence: What is intelligence? How does it work? Where does it come from? How can we program it into a computer? Learn more.

Music: I’d like to play more, but I’m lazy.


View all my code here. See also my profile on GitHub.

Kogata, hobby operating system project, aiming at simplicity and elegance. Learn more, code.

Frigo, an IRC chatbot based on a LSTM RNN. Code, samples.

Taxi destination prediction (Kaggle competition). We ranked first! Kaggle link. Collaborators: Étienne et Alexandre. Code, blogpost, presentation.

GdT-OS, groupe de travail sur les systèmes d’exploitation ayant eu lieu en 2014. Plus d’infos, code SOS étudié, slides., Pleroma server for people who want to talk about machine learning, neural networks, theory of intelligence, computer science stuff, or anything really. Link.


Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Taxi Destination Prediction. PDF, arXiv.

TorchCraft: a Library for Machine Learning Research on Real-Time Strategy Games. arXiv.

Clustering is Efficient for Approximate Maximum Inner Product Search. PDF, arXiv.

Diet Networks: Thin Parameters for Fat Genomics. arXiv.

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