Alex Auvolat


Deuxfleurs is my main computer-related project at the moment. Deuxfleurs is not only a technical endeavor: we are trying to promote alternative ways of using computers and the Internet to a large audience for everyday uses, to be more in line with our political ideals. Talk to me if you are interested in what we are doing!

E-mail: alex (at) 0x0E496D15096376BE



Current projects

View all my code here and some of it also there. See also my profile on GitHub.

Deuxfleurs, a self-hosted platform for chat, email, collaboration and file storage, where we use techniques from distributed systems to build fault tolerance. Website.

Garage, a distributed object store, meant to run on commodity hardware and provide integrity, redundancy and fault-tolerance. Code, website.

Tricot, A reverse proxy that automatically configures via Consul and automatically sets up TLS using Let’s Encrypt. Code.

Bottin, a LDAP server used on Deuxfleurs, that stores its data in Consul’s highly available key-value datastore. Link.


That's where you'll find a bunch of stuff I made.

More about me


PhD in Computer Science, Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA, 2018-2021. Title of my thesis: Probabilistic Methods for Collaboration Systems in Large-scale Trustless Networks. Read it here.

École Normale Supérieure, département d’informatique, 2013-2018. Internships listed here.

M2 Mathématiques-Vision-Apprentissage (MVA), ENS Cachan, 2015-2016.

Prépa MPSI/MP, lycée Masséna, 2011-2013.


Computer science: Everything! Algorithms & data structures, operating systems, compilers, networks, etc.

Making the Internet better: more distributed, more collaborative and democratic, less commercial, back under people’s control, more fun.

Dancing: west coast swing.

Music: I’d like to play more, but I’m lazy.

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