This is the source code of the website at http://alex.auvolat.free.fr/

To set it up on your own server :

- Copy the files in this repository somewhere on your server
- Create a .htaccess file with the following content :
	ErrorDocument 404 /path/to/index.php
- Copy lib/conf/sql.php.template to lib/conf/sql.php and edit to your needs
- Execute the contents of schema.sql on your mysql database
- Make sure you have an images/ directory and that your server can write in it.
- (Create an admin account in the database)

All the source code here is available under public domain. You are free to do
whatever you wish with it : copy, edit, sell, use, and anything else, with
absolutely no condition.
The only exception to this is the lib/markdown.php file, which belongs to the
PHP markdown project and must be used while followint their terms of use.
This software might eat your hamster. It will more likely break your computer.
It's even more likely it will be totally useless to you.