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* Minor change to user list display.HEADmasterAlex AUVOLAT2014-01-151-3/+11
* Small presentation changes.Alex AUVOLAT2013-08-122-2/+8
* Added possibility to add notes to studied batch items.Alex AUVOLAT2013-08-103-5/+15
* Minor changes...Alex AUVOLAT2013-08-091-0/+13
* Some changes to the way reviews work - custom styles!Alex AUVOLAT2013-08-042-8/+37
* Minor usability & presentation changes.Alex AUVOLAT2012-07-112-2/+2
* Changes. But minor. Mostly usability changes.Alex AUVOLAT2012-06-214-6/+12
* Big change, sir. Can now upload any kind of files.Alex AUVOLAT2012-06-2115-209/+201
* minor bugfixesAlex AUVOLAT2012-06-202-2/+2
* Minor bug correctionNicolas BERNSTEIN2012-04-231-1/+1
* Minor changes in navigation.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2012-04-133-7/+4
* Added : ATOM feed for blog ; abilty to comment posts.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2012-04-138-4/+150
* Added a way of classifying images in folders.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2012-03-188-35/+203
* A lot of changes : blogging system essentially.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2012-02-1215-33/+331
* Added a sorting possibility.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-11-201-1/+2
* Minor bug.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-11-201-1/+1
* Added the bit list study systemNicolas BERNSTEIN2011-11-2018-1/+1272
* bugfixes.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-182-1/+9
* Bugfixes.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-182-3/+3
* Bugfixes.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-182-18/+9
* Added study program. Yay!Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-1810-9/+187
* Started working on a study program.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-1715-5/+397
* First commit.Nicolas BERNSTEIN2011-09-1720-0/+3510