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* Correct a typing bug in multiple inheritance (all virtual instances in parent...Alex AUVOLAT2014-01-103-0/+84
* Reject redefinition of virtual methods with different return type.Alex AUVOLAT2014-01-092-0/+22
* Added args1 and args2 test.Alex AUVOLAT2014-01-084-0/+32
* Added tests for multiple inheritance.Alex AUVOLAT2014-01-087-0/+226
* Added tests.Alex AUVOLAT2013-12-0573-0/+664
* Added tests, corrected two failed tests.Alex AUVOLAT2013-12-056-5/+5
* Rien.Alex AUVOLAT2013-12-052-3/+3
* First commit.Alex AUVOLAT2013-10-29204-0/+1371