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These scripts create a cross-compiler toolchain in your $HOME/usr directory.
This kind of cross-compiler is mostly useful for basic Operating System developpment.

Included packages

These scripts install the following things in the toolchain :
*   binutils (ld, ...)
*   gcc for C and C++

Supported cross-compiling architectures

*   x86     i586-elf
*   arm     arm-elf

The scripts for both architecture are very similar, feel free to adapt them to other architectures.

Setting up the cross-compiler

*   Create a directory named `usr` in your home directory.
*   Add the following line to your .bashrc :
    export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/usr/bin
*   Run cross-<arch>.sh for the architecture you target
    Go on the internet and read some useless stuff, this step is long.

The compiler is available as *-gcc and *-g++, where * is one of the prefixes listed above (ex: i586-elf-gcc).