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* Update soutenanceHEADmasterAlex AUVOLAT2014-09-091-188/+115
* Copy prezAlex AUVOLAT2014-09-087-71/+1038
* Add an interesting documentAlex Auvolat2014-07-311-0/+0
* Merge branch 'refactor'Alex Auvolat2014-07-317-182/+357
| * Oops, forgot most important file !Alex Auvolat2014-07-311-0/+221
| * Refactor some stuff (this code sould be re-read.)Alex Auvolat2014-07-306-182/+136
* | Update Rapport de stageAlex Auvolat2014-07-311-0/+0
* Import Rapport de stage, probably not final version.Alex Auvolat2014-07-301-0/+0
* Implement selection of disjunction variables for EDDs.Alex Auvolat2014-07-304-30/+66
* The heater example is not a very good example...Alex Auvolat2014-07-309-93/+10227
* Experiment on dynamic partitionning (guarantee initial partition).Alex Auvolat2014-07-243-98/+98
* Plug into Apron Box domain for intervals.Alex Auvolat2014-07-247-150/+280
* Move README && add stuff ; add presentation.Alex Auvolat2014-07-239-12/+1174
* Add a few examples from KIND2 distribution.Alex Auvolat2014-07-233-0/+1902
* Correct mode.Alex Auvolat2014-07-221-0/+0
* Add support for octagons.Alex Auvolat2014-07-225-21/+223
* More doc : command lien options;Alex Auvolat2014-07-162-22/+223
* Many corrections.Alex Auvolat2014-07-162-317/+369
* Begin redaction of README.Alex Auvolat2014-07-152-0/+1560
* Clean up & comment a bit.Alex Auvolat2014-07-1523-474/+305
* Try (and fail) to make heuristic any good.Alex Auvolat2014-07-151-4/+18
* DOES NOT WORK AT ALLAlex Auvolat2014-07-112-137/+150
* Acceptable heuristic.Alex Auvolat2014-07-117-63/+178
* Add heuristic...Alex Auvolat2014-07-105-41/+133
* DP locations defined by abstract values and not by formula.Alex Auvolat2014-07-104-92/+121
* Fix a few things, this doesn't work well.Alex Auvolat2014-07-106-61/+107
* Now it's starting to work...Alex Auvolat2014-07-093-43/+221
* Begin dynamic partitionning ; CORRECT BUG IN unpass_cycle !!Alex Auvolat2014-07-098-63/+475
* Minor optimisation in ordering strategy.Alex Auvolat2014-07-091-2/+2
* Add simplification pass && better heuristic for BDDs based on ternaries.Alex Auvolat2014-07-095-14/+97
* Correct some bugs on clocks.Alex Auvolat2014-07-085-32/+89
* Add ternaries, simplifications. BIG BUG FOUND (init/reset translation)Alex Auvolat2014-07-085-63/+144
* Cleanup.Alex Auvolat2014-07-084-241/+292
* Revert that. We have two different domain kinds for enums, that's all.Alex Auvolat2014-07-082-67/+69
* Adapt abs_interp to use ENUM_DOMAIN2 (this is a test...)Alex Auvolat2014-07-083-73/+113
* Implement stand-alone EDDsAlex Auvolat2014-07-085-232/+372
* Merge branch 'e-last'Alex Auvolat2014-07-0414-310/+405
| * Adapt non-EDD disjunction interpret to use two set of disjunction vars.Alex Auvolat2014-07-041-20/+15
| * Adapt domain with non-EDD disjunctions ; it doesn't work very well !Alex Auvolat2014-07-043-106/+121
| * New example ; minor fixes.Alex Auvolat2014-07-047-12/+63
| * First implementation of resetting transitions.Alex Auvolat2014-07-045-40/+83
| * Use LAST instead of NEXT (only EDD implementation works at the moment)Alex Auvolat2014-07-048-173/+189
* | Add example counters.scade.Alex Auvolat2014-07-041-0/+27
* | Warning for contradictory hypotheses was wrong.Alex Auvolat2014-07-041-15/+13
* Simplifications && preparation for restart.Alex Auvolat2014-07-044-9/+35
* Changes to parser ; EDD optimisations ; test cases.Alex Auvolat2014-07-038-126/+2240
* Add ABRO example ; correct interpret bug.Alex Auvolat2014-07-038-7010/+205
* Fix some tests.Alex Auvolat2014-07-035-6/+37
* New algorithm for variable ordering based on FORCE.Alex Auvolat2014-07-032-8/+86
* Add message when a step goes on BOT, ie. contradiction in assumes.Alex Auvolat2014-07-022-25/+38